Quality products

We only offer products with best quality and price ratio!

Fast shipping

We know that speed is essential in FMCG business.

Competitive prices

Our mission is to work with best producers, while greatly increasing our clients satisfaction.



Our Vision

A best-in-class business that feels local, where relationships matter.

To be successful and maintain sustainable growth in today’s dynamic market scenario, it takes one team, one vision, one philosophy and one game plan. And that’s GK African Trading Company.

  • Our commitment and dedication to the market place
  • Trademark for excellence, quality and service
  • Consistency in pricing, availability and support
  • Fulfillment of the needs and wants of its clientele and ultimately end consumer alike
  • Commitment to exceed customer demands and expectations
  • Innovative ideas to communicate individual brands
  • Corporate culture wherein the philosophy is working in unison
  • Long term bond and commitment between management and labor
  • Teamwork is the fuel that allows our staff to attain uncommon results

Services we offer

If you own or manage Production, Restaurant, Supermarket or a Food Market Stall.

  1. 1
    Wholesale procurement

    The aim of GK African Trading Company is quite simple:
    to lower your purchasing costs, making food procurement easy and convenient.

    Whether you are a chef dealing with suppliers and food purchasing, a retail store owner, a food distributor already dealing with major manufacturers, a restaurant chain buying from multiple suppliers or a sole trader selling from a stall, we can help you lower your food cost.

  2. 2
    Private label products

    Our fully integrated manufacturing process allows us to efficiently meet a spectrum of private label demands across categories. Whether we’re making food or beverages, GK African  Trading Company commitment to quality and innovation.

  3. 3

    GK African Trading Company can help you with the right pricing strategy for your marketplace and your needs. We combine up-to-date information about base zone pricing and competitive pricing with consumer research, best practices and trends to help you price effectively.

  4. 4

    As a Partner GK African Trading Company guarantees stability. We plan our objectives basing on long-term cooperation with our Suppliers, giving individual support provided by the company’s Account Manager, for the entire period of cooperation.