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GK African Trading Company is constantly searching for new employees in Tanzania, Burundi, Congo DRC, United Arab Emirates, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda, Islamic Republic of Iran, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Mosambique.

To get more information about vacancies please contact the head office directly.

Why Work at GK African Trading Company?

We consider our associates to be our company’s most valuable and important asset. Their varying perspectives are valued and lead to stronger collaboration and innovation.
Our company is united by a culture that celebrates and rewards individuality. We treat our associates with respect and dignity, and encourage personal and professional development. Whether someone is seeking an exciting career at our corporate offices, at our retail stores or in supply chain, we provide the tools and incentives for training and education.

Our goal is to create and maintain a stimulating, nurturing, and progressive environment in which the best people want to work and stay. We provide competitive wages and benefits, and implement associate programs and policies that enrich the work experience.

Associate Satisfaction

GK African Trading places great importance on associate satisfaction as a measure of how happy our associates are with their jobs and working environment. We realize how vital it is to our company’s success. We are pleased to report that we have an “above industry average” rating.

Our company is committed to creating an environment that satisfies our energized and engaged workforce. We have associates who go above and beyond to meet customer needs and who are highly motivated to work to the best of their ability.

Associate longevity at our firm is extremely high, indicating job satisfaction and loyalty among our valued associates. We take pride in their accomplishments and recognize that longevity is critical to our organizational success. We acknowledge longevity and associate contributions with service awards.

Training & Development

Our business results are enhanced through engaging and developing our people. As an equal-opportunity company that’s a leader in the grocery industry, we hire, cultivate and train associates who have a wide range of professional expertise, skill sets, and passions. Many training opportunities are offered because we know that a well-trained, high-quality and motivated workforce is essential in today’s competitive business world.

Diversity & Inclusion Council

GK African Trading Company Diversity and Inclusion Council is comprised of associates from various areas of the company. Promoting and upholding diversity and inclusion is a core characteristic of our workplace culture. This group helps us reach our diversity goals:

  • to improve the quality of work life for our associates
  • to enhance the shopping experience of our customers
  • to create an associate population that more closely reflects the communities we serve.