If you own or manage a Restaurant, Hotel or organize events that need professional catering, we can help you lower your food cost.

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GK African Trading caters to the ever growing hospitality industry in the country and its specific needs. GK African Trading values the HORECA (Hotels, Restaurants, Catering) channel by offering customers a wide range of products and services as per their requirements. All our Horeca brands have been developed on the basis of the chef and caterer’s feedback and preferences derived from extensive market research in the region. Because of this, we help create, with our Horeca customers, healthy, delicious and affordable dishes.

A true leader leads and inspires other to perform better. In the HORECA business we have always believed in this dictum for excellence by far.

Our international line-up of high quality products is vibrant testimony of our excellence. Backed by a professional, timely, service oriented approach, we have established ourselves firmly with topnotch clients that include Airlines, Multinational Hotels, Restaurants, Fast Food Franchisees, caterers, and off-shore supplies camps.

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