Our Services

We offer variety of services including pricing and private label products

Wholesale and procurement

The aim of GK African Trading Company is quite simple:
To lower your purchasing costs, making food procurement easy and convenient.

Whether you are a chef dealing with suppliers and food purchasing, a retail store owner, a food distributor already dealing with major manufacturers, a restaurant chain buying from multiple suppliers or a sole trader selling from a stall, we can help you lower your food cost. It has been a hectic year here in the capital and GK African Trading, despite the recession, has managed to secure some fantastic deals. I feel I can safely say that we have the lowest prices in Tanzania, by offering a direct service from the manufacturer to you.

Our prices are generally 20% lower compared to avarage prices. We supply either mixed or full pallets, full truck up to containers loads. There are no clients too small or too big. We aim to provide a 5 star service within the hospitality industry and beyond. A truly dynamic company, always embracing new ideas, collaborations and partnerships.

Feel free to send an email directly at info@gkafricantrading.com. In order to receive a speedy and comprehensive reply when contacting us, please remember to specify your FULL company details. New clients are welcome as well as new suppliers. We deliver throughout Africa with particular emphasis in Tanzania. European companies wishing to be considered as suppliers should send their price list and catalogue to info@gkafricantrading.com.

Catalogues without wholesale prices will be ignored. We do ship containers to Africa with all the certifications required.

Private label

GK African Trading Company partners with retailers and wholesalers to produce private label products. Our goal build strategic relationships with our partners to deliver goods that resonate with customers at every quality level price point. We help retail partners optimize private label positioning and profits.
Our fully integrated manufacturing process allows us to efficiently meet a spectrum of private label demands across categories. Whether we’re making food or beverages, GK African Company commitment to quality and innovation results in private label products that your customers will love. Let us know how we can help you with your Private Label goods.

GK African Trading offers a portfolio of best-quality private brand products to reach diverse markets and a varied customer base. These brands add depth to product variety store. Our offer includes products of outstanding quality to build the reputation of the brands. The consumer should perceive product superiority across all dimensions appearance, taste, and packaging. We’ve achieved this by seeking products with a significant advantage over traditional branded products.
Our products are continually recognized for excellence, GK African Trading has been recognized for award-winning private brand products. These awards underscore our commitment to provide the consumer with quality products.
We’ve developed a comprehensive corporate brands program that creates the following competitive advantages for our GK African Trading supplied stores:

  • Increased profitability
  • Differentiation from competitors
  • Consumer loyalty to exclusive brands

Pricing competition today is fierce, even among upscale retailers. For independent supermarkets in store-saturated regions, having the right pricing strategy is critical. It’s just as important in less competitive markets if you want to maximize your sales and profitability.

GK African Trading can help you with the right pricing strategy for your marketplace and your needs. We combine up-to-date information about base zone pricing and competitive pricing with consumer research, best practices and trends to help you price effectively.

Hybrid Pricing Strategy

Our unique Hybrid Pricing Strategy blends an aggressive weekly ad program with a full complement of timely in-store price reductions to give your shoppers value across your whole store. We offer a wide variety of in-store price reduction programs to support your value image and mass display opportunities — all timed to the selling seasons in your marketplace.

For suppliers

Responsible purchasing is core to our business and inextricably linked to our ability to create sustainable and profitable growth.

By choosing to work with suppliers that respect compliance, human rights, decent working conditions and strong environmental standards, we create value for our customers and minimize our business risk.

If you are supplier interested in learning more about partnering with GK African Trading Company,
please contact your regional GK African Trading Company office.


We simplify the shipping and registration process for suppliers. We provide a gateway to East-African markets, while also offering some of the most competitive rates and services available.